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I am unable to contact classmates.com to cancel my paid subscription. This all seems to be a scam that cannot be resolved by the customer, I agreed to pay for the first year I used classmates web site.

I do not want my credit card charged again to renew the membership but I am unable to contact the classmates billing department. I think a call to the BBB is in order. Can someone please help me? Every time I try to call the customer service number for classmates.com, I am put on hold for long amounts of time that is on a long distance telephone number.

There are no toll free numbers available for this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Classmates Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Unable to cancel membership.

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I only paid for the 3 month and I'm still being charged! I'm logged in using my facebook so I'm screwed with deleting my account and everything else.


I cannot figure out how to cancel my paid membership also. Is there a BBB site we can use?

I cannot even login because the site will not let me choose a password. They have my money and I have nothing. Nobody to talk to.

And they have my credit card number. This has to be a scam.


I want to cancel my membership because it has been difficult to manage the page. It always appears OOOPs , Error.

Please delete me from classmate.com

Aracelis Amadori M.D.

Newman High School Graduate. Class of 1964

Wausau, Wisconsin.

Washington Court House, Ohio, United States #1284990

Nothing but trash! They want to charge me $35.00 to cancel..and being billed $15.00 monthly for almost a year..even forgot I had it until last statement then I remembered...yes, my fault for not noticing sooner but Facebook took over and it was out of mind! So I am on a mission to get this taken care of....

Riverview, Florida, United States #1250954

call 206-301-5900. I've been on hold for about 10 minutes now...

Dallas, Texas, United States #1208647

They pulled the same *** on me, I had to close my bank account to rid myself of them.

Marion, Connecticut, United States #1203978

I cant even find a customer service phone number! anyone care to share it? so frustrated with this entire thing> HELP111

to Anonymous #1375622

My name is listed under Donna Hagen. I have tried to cancel my membership and I'm going to have my friend that I promise that this is true go into court with this.

A phone number?

You just keep taking the $15.00 a month out and some no matter what. You guyoare crooks

Napa, California, United States #1193201

My sediments are the same as my situation.

Houston, Texas, United States #1192217

I Edward B. Stinchcomb want to cancel my membership to classmate.com

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #1188163

Ditto. They are of no value to me, but they are charging my credit card $15.

to Anonymous Springfield, Ohio, United States #1219174

Me also and the telephone number does not work. they even found another credit card and put the charges on that one.

They also stole pictures off of my facebook account.

This is ridiculous.


I see that they have charged my CC once again!!! I have tried to cancel through the accounts billing page, but there is no button to place the account on manual renewal. In fact it says there is no card on file...but they just billed me once again...Any suggestion???

Marion, Illinois, United States #1055202

Rather than use the phone, you can chat with them and that is pretty quick

Although they won't refund the amount you paid for your current service, they will stop billing at the time of the next payment. I just cancelled mine easily.

So here is the HOW and the WHERE:

To change or confirm your renewal option: At the top right corner of any Classmates page, click the gear icon and select Account. Click Account & Billing. Enter your password to access your billing information. Under ACCOUNT INFORMATION, click Turn off automatic renewal.

Click Yes to confirm your decision. Confirm that your Account & Billing page now reflects your desired renewal option: Manual.

to JennieSez #1363979

Thank you!! Worked like a champ!!


can anyone tell me how to cancle my membership.


call your bank (or credit card company) and have them stop payment to this company and then file a suit for reimbursement of all monies not authorized for payment to classmates. the bank/credit card company will handle it from there.


Try calling 206-301-5900

to Anonymous Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1241783

they just put you on hold for a long long time and never come back. And it's long distance!

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