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They stung me! Signed up for classmates and what do ya know here come these charges that I did not sign up for.

They are what is called a "piggy back" company and in my opinion that should be illegal. Lawmakers want something to work on that would be it.

The kicker is they will only refund you the current month, so the month you notice they give back. I personally am going to fight them and get my money back and report them to the BBB if I can find their state!


Privacy matters 123 invades your privacy and your bank account. BE AWARE, BE VERY AWARE.

Monetary Loss: $19.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I got all my money back from Privacy Matters - 14 months worth of charges. I would like to put this company out of business. Call me at 512-341-**** so I can tell you how I did it.


when you personally sue the company who committed fruad by not disclosing all information making your choice easier, they will stop. Sue the company for also selling your personal information without your consent.

stop letting them do this by just returning your money.

Sue them. know your constitutional right and the constitution of your state.


UM, Folks, they got your bank account or charge card number from somewhere?

When you sign up for anything these days that is even somewhat related to the internet, just know that if you don't read every single word and click all of the right buttons, you are likely to get screwed!

This is a huge scam on classmates obviously and classmates should be the company that pays for it. Tell everyone to discontinue their service with them and that will be one less place for this scam company to hook folks.

You probably aren't going to be able to hook-up agian with that gal from H.S. anyway.


I always keep enough in my checking account to pay the bills and pay online. I had not checked for 10 months and found out these crooks had taken me for $400.00.

I never received anything from these people in the mail. They are scam artists!


I have been being dupped by Privacy Matters for a year now. By my own abmission I was not properly monitoring my account. Since September of 2009 theyy have been debiting my account for $29.95. Upon finally reviewing my bank statement for this month I noticed the fee increased to $34.95. It seems that they realized I must not have been noticing and decided to increase the amount they were stealing from me for "member services" I never once solicited or received.

After calling my bank (TD) I was notified that several other customers have been filing complaints about the same compnay. I have a separate gripe with them for not informing me that this was going on with my account.

Regardless, they gave me the phone number of Privacy Matters & I gave them a heated complaint & demanded the funds be refunded. They returned the charge for $34.95 as well as 5 others for $29.95. As I still totally feel like a victim of embezzelment or some other form of fraud, I feel like justice needs to be done.

They need to be shut down ASAP.



Who in the *** are these people that seem to be *** everyone who has a credit card, and the police and authorities are not doing something about this. I have already called my lawyer, but I would prefer justice like Tony Soprano gives out. Let's all agree to do something harsh.


I just noticed the charges on my credit card statement for MVQ Privacy Matters123, come to find out they have been charging my card for the past year. I am not even really sure how they got my info but im sure that it was from me ordering something online at some point.

This should definately be illegal, and the people on the phone seemed like they didn't care and said that the only thing they could do is refund me for the current month.

They have charged a total of $600 over the past year and I am very upset that I can not get my money back. Any suggestions?


Yep happened to me too...joined Classmates for my husband and I didn't "untick" a box and then what do you know charges taken out every month. I called them to cancel membership and demanded money back but didn't get anywhere so going to bank to file a dispute.

Unfortunately I didn't notice it for some time. That will teach me to keep a check on my bank account.


I ordered the Sobokawa pillows which is nothing but a scam to get you in the door to charge you other "free" stuff. I didn't order anything but now charges keeps coming in on my credit card.

@!#@!$# bastards!!! :(


After 20 minutes on hold, I finally got an agreement to refund the four months of 16.95 I'd been charged for nothing I ever purchased. Call and BE VERY FIRM, ask to talk to a supervisor and take nothing less than your full refund.

Good Luck!

I also asked for their address and "marcus' gave me this: 9500 West Dodge Road, Omaha Nebraska, 68114

The phone number I called was: 1-88*-***-****


Best to go thru you credit card co. first.

They (my card co) put me thru to these guys right away.

i think this company is feeling the heat. They agreed to refund all charges (about 8 mo.

worth) within the next 3- 5 business days. I'll certainly be monitoring my account to make sure they comply.


I just got through to customer service at 1-80*-***-**** and talked to one gal and she canceled any further charges and 1 charge of 24.95 wasbeing refunded. I said absolutely not and she said she would give me to a supervisor.

I talked with thew supervisor and told her that I did not order anything from PrivacyMatters 123 and they told me that someone called my home offering a free Walmart card. I told her no way; I told the person on the phone NO. I told her I wanted all my money back and they are refunding it all back.

I am calling my bank to get another card issued. You really have to be forceful with these people and insist you did not say yes to anyone.


I just found this on my credit card and I am pissed!! And the lady on the phone when I cancelled it was as cold as ice - thievery, that's all it is!!

Where is the BBB!! These people should be sued!!


I was shock to see my bank statement, I will never order anything again from no one on tv. I said no to everything, and got the shock of my life. It was other companies on now, that charge me for services that I did not agree to.


same here one day a guy called and said something about a 25 dollar giftcard i said NO THANK YOU in a *** way and hes like but its free money and i said NO and he hung up on me! and i got charged!


I for one never signed up for any of that trash and i am being charged. Is there some legal way to stop this theft?

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