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I'm now contacting the State of Michigan's Attorney General to file a formal complaint. I can't stop Classmates.com from drawing funds out of my credit card account.

No one to speak to. On line customer service will not let me cancell. I now know that Classmates.com has a scam going and are racking up huge amounts of $$$. The only way to get some action is to get the State involved.

From what I'm reading on line, numerous other customers are having the same problem. Once you sign up with these crooks, your not going to be able to cancel.

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Just contact your credit card company and ask them not to honor the charges from Classmates or whatever they're calling themselves now. I lucked out; my credit card company must of been aware of this, perhaps through other customers.

When Classmates auto-charged me, I received a call from my CC company asking if the charge was eliminated. I said no, and they went ahead and denied Classmates charge and issued a new card with a new number to me.

I love my cc company.

Call yours and ask for a new card/number and have them deny Classmates charges. Good luck.

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